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Are you looking for reliable law services in the area? In need of a competent, yet affordable auto accident lawyers? You have come to the right place! Law Offices of Gilbert A. Moret is a personal injury attorney firm located and operating in West Covina, CA. Having been in business since 1966, we have confirmed our name as professionals and have won the trust of our community!

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Our focus is providing the people of the community with high-quality auto injury, and injury attorney service!

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When the worse comes to worst, and you find yourself looking for quality accident attorney service, you can’t go wrong with the professionals at Law Offices of Gilbert A. Moret! Our dedication to meeting the needs of our clients pushes us ever further in our search for perfection! We don’t charge too much for our work, as we strive for our work to be available to everyone regardless of their budget!

How do we do it?

We like to work as closely as possible with our clients. Information makes our personal injury attorney service both easier and faster! After all, our work is dedicated to getting the results you want from the courts, and helping you emerge victorious from your case! We know how stressful injuries and accidents can be, so we will always make you feel right at home with us!

We will be thrilled to speak with you and discuss your upcoming case! Helping people tip the scales in their favor is what we do best! Don’t be hesitant, when you find yourself looking for a reliable accident and injury lawyer in West Covina, CA, give us a call today!

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